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March 13th, 2013

Two Mondays and More

Chapter Summary

So now that Darcy is settling in we go through her typical activities. Some not so typical. Like a shoot out and a car chase.

And more stuff.


Monday rolled in after an uneventful weekend. Technically she had the weekend off but Darcy spent the majority of Saturday at the shooting range and mandatory combat training. Sunday she was called in briefly to pick up new orders. Mainly, to insinuate herself with Tony and Pepper. It made her dread Monday, instead of adding some distance after her crying on Friday she was somehow supposed to build a friendship? Sometimes this job really sucked.

Darcy debated for hours on the merits of wearing her civvies. She already knew her black suit got under Tony’s skin, but maybe wearing her interview clothes would be seen as trying too hard to be normal. She’d have to do high heels and she didn’t want Tony to think she was flirting with him. She opted for her suit with a comfy gray sweater to wear around the lab. She would start small and wore little makeup because she really hated putting on makeup on Mondays. It was just a little quirk, kinda like, I’m being rebellious I refuse to give up my weekend, so eff you world! Not to mention she’d rarely gotten to indulge in it since she’d started working for SHIELD.

If Tony noticed the minimal makeup he didn’t act like it, he was back in the lab but he wasn’t able to have caffeine with the kidney damage and he was in a terrible mood. Also she suspected he had stopped taking his painkillers. Bruce was back to normal like nothing had happened and he hadn’t spent Thursday as a rage monster.

They got visits down in the lab, Pepper came in to collect Tony for lunch and lingered to talk to Darcy afterwards in her glass office. Pepper sat primly on the desk instead of the low chair that was Darcy’s. She was wearing a business suit but Darcy was pretty sure it was straight from the runway, Darcy literally didn’t even have the vocabulary for the type of material Pepper’s suit was made out of, but it was a gorgeous red and perfectly tailored. They spoke quietly and Pepper was kind but also she had an agenda, she seemed to think since the lab assistants listened to “Ms. Lewis” maybe they could pick up the slack on Tony’s usual one man R&D show. Darcy wrote down “encourage creativity on off-days”and kept taking notes handing over her lab assistant reports as well as a preliminary schedule and tasks proposal for when Tony or Bruce were gone. It was nothing much but Pepper appreciated that Tony’s time was not his own, that Iron Man was now and in the near future his priority and it was sucking a lot of time, money and resources. It lifted Darcy’s spirits to be included in Pepper’s confidence since this was their first face to face interaction, envying Pepper’s easy ability to come in and demand things (she bet Peppers had plans for world domination financially hopefully SHIELD wouldn’t consider her a threat, because honestly who better to rule the world than Pepper?). Darcy may have had a slight crush on the beautiful, graceful and intelligent CEO. Tony had his power displays but Pepper had hers.

“Captain America,” Darcy heard some of the assistants whispering, “someone told me he’s really was the original Steve Rogers down at SHIELD a while back,” when he came down to get the scientists for dinner. Darcy tried not to laugh at the gossiping assistants as they reluctantly left for the night. Steve mentioned something about getting scolded by Pepper (which was unsurprising) smiled while he waited patiently for the three scientists as Darcy helped tear Jane away from her work, Bruce was easier being a creature of habit. Tony though... she left him to Steve until she noted they were arguing.

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