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The Last Recommendation of Agent Coulson: Chapter 5

Posted on 2013.03.13 at 10:54
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Two Mondays and More

Chapter Summary

So now that Darcy is settling in we go through her typical activities. Some not so typical. Like a shoot out and a car chase.

And more stuff.


Monday rolled in after an uneventful weekend. Technically she had the weekend off but Darcy spent the majority of Saturday at the shooting range and mandatory combat training. Sunday she was called in briefly to pick up new orders. Mainly, to insinuate herself with Tony and Pepper. It made her dread Monday, instead of adding some distance after her crying on Friday she was somehow supposed to build a friendship? Sometimes this job really sucked.

Darcy debated for hours on the merits of wearing her civvies. She already knew her black suit got under Tony’s skin, but maybe wearing her interview clothes would be seen as trying too hard to be normal. She’d have to do high heels and she didn’t want Tony to think she was flirting with him. She opted for her suit with a comfy gray sweater to wear around the lab. She would start small and wore little makeup because she really hated putting on makeup on Mondays. It was just a little quirk, kinda like, I’m being rebellious I refuse to give up my weekend, so eff you world! Not to mention she’d rarely gotten to indulge in it since she’d started working for SHIELD.

If Tony noticed the minimal makeup he didn’t act like it, he was back in the lab but he wasn’t able to have caffeine with the kidney damage and he was in a terrible mood. Also she suspected he had stopped taking his painkillers. Bruce was back to normal like nothing had happened and he hadn’t spent Thursday as a rage monster.

They got visits down in the lab, Pepper came in to collect Tony for lunch and lingered to talk to Darcy afterwards in her glass office. Pepper sat primly on the desk instead of the low chair that was Darcy’s. She was wearing a business suit but Darcy was pretty sure it was straight from the runway, Darcy literally didn’t even have the vocabulary for the type of material Pepper’s suit was made out of, but it was a gorgeous red and perfectly tailored. They spoke quietly and Pepper was kind but also she had an agenda, she seemed to think since the lab assistants listened to “Ms. Lewis” maybe they could pick up the slack on Tony’s usual one man R&D show. Darcy wrote down “encourage creativity on off-days”and kept taking notes handing over her lab assistant reports as well as a preliminary schedule and tasks proposal for when Tony or Bruce were gone. It was nothing much but Pepper appreciated that Tony’s time was not his own, that Iron Man was now and in the near future his priority and it was sucking a lot of time, money and resources. It lifted Darcy’s spirits to be included in Pepper’s confidence since this was their first face to face interaction, envying Pepper’s easy ability to come in and demand things (she bet Peppers had plans for world domination financially hopefully SHIELD wouldn’t consider her a threat, because honestly who better to rule the world than Pepper?). Darcy may have had a slight crush on the beautiful, graceful and intelligent CEO. Tony had his power displays but Pepper had hers.

“Captain America,” Darcy heard some of the assistants whispering, “someone told me he’s really was the original Steve Rogers down at SHIELD a while back,” when he came down to get the scientists for dinner. Darcy tried not to laugh at the gossiping assistants as they reluctantly left for the night. Steve mentioned something about getting scolded by Pepper (which was unsurprising) smiled while he waited patiently for the three scientists as Darcy helped tear Jane away from her work, Bruce was easier being a creature of habit. Tony though... she left him to Steve until she noted they were arguing.

“Tony, would you please go to dinner now?” and she quietly waited until Tony turned to the coffee maker only to be confronted with a distinct lack of coffee supplies, because Darcy had hidden them. He stiffened and turned his back to her.

“Can’t I’m busy.”

“I’m sure you are but I happen to know you ate half your breakfast and Pepper said you only ate half your lunch. Please go upstairs, you wouldn’t want to worry Pepper would you?” He busied his hands putting things away. Darcy pulled her fuzzy sleeves over her fists and decided that comfy sweater was not warmer than her suit jacket. Tony caught her hugging herself, out of the corner of his eye, he looked at her studied the sweater. She dropped her hands self-consciously and tried again.

“Please go to dinner? Its half past six. Look you’re not doing anything right now. Might as well eat something.” she was weary and using her, don’t scare the jumpy scientist voice.

“Go home Lewis, and get warm.” Steve was waiting next to the elevator, and flashed her a relieved smile as he got into the elevator. Darcy definitely regretted not putting on more makeup, but then again she doubted he was single anyways. Did fraternization regulations even count when it came to the Avengers? Wouldn’t it be everyone’s duty to be friendly to Captain America? she mused as she grabbed her stuff from her little office and took the elevator to the lobby.

That week Darcy was finally given some more security clearance so she stayed at SHIELD reading up on the rest of the team not just the scientists, several nights in a row. She kept thinking about her orders and how vague they were. Insinuating herself with Tony and Pepper was going well enough but she didn’t want to flirt or anything. Thankfully by Thursday she was saved by Jane.

Thursday was a full day at SHIELD, the whole team doing debriefings and seeing the doctors for check-ups. Darcy trailed after Tony and Bruce mostly when she wasn’t being read in on the developments she did have clearance for. She even got to hang back on meetings with Fury for a bit. Agent Hill met with her while Darcy was trying to get more concrete directions on how to insinuate herself and why she needed to, Agent Hill evaded them neatly and just kept saying that they were playing a long game (Darcy guessed this was not Hill’s specialty either, the woman always looked like she was ready to pull her gun, no subtlety whatsoever). There was other stuff too like going over some of the reports she was helping them with needed, like actual mission reports not just “this is what I’m building and I’m explaining it to you in simple words you don’t need a Phd to understand” and miscellaneous reports that she usually did.

And because Darcy was always supposed to be aware of her surroundings she noticed two new... well superheros they could be called. To Darcy they looked like siblings maybe even twins fraternal of course brother and sister. He was six feet tall thin had silver blonde hair, his sister (Wanda? did she hear that right?) was only about 5’7 had auburn hair and they had the same piercing blue eyed stare.

Anyways Darcy could tell the team was having a hard time agreeing on anything Clint was visibly stressed out going between the twins and the rest of the team.

Just after one o’clock Tony, Bruce and Steve took a car back to the Tower and invited Darcy along. Today Darcy had stuck to her suit and caught Tony frowning slightly at her. Steve and Tony bickered about some detail or another. She immersed herself in the tablet Pepper had given her working on emails during the ride.

“Hey uh Agent Lewis I was wondering if you could join us for pizza tonight.” Bruce was smiling at her and she couldn’t help but return it because he had a great smile. (Was it really necessary to make all the Avengers so attractive? honestly even the rumpled scientist made her ovaries do silly things.) She knew there were reasons she couldn’t possibly accept but then her stomach betrayed her and rumbled right when Steve and Tony had quieted down to hear her response.

“See you’re hungry, don’t deny it, Pepper and Jane will be there.” Tony was looking down at his cell. “There will be like six different kinds of pizza even vegetarian.”

“You don’t have to...” was all Darcy could think of saying, “worry about me I’ve got my sandwich in my desk back in my office.” She felt the flush in her cheeks rise as she realized how lame that sounded and the three men were looking at her, whatever happened to being an invisible SHIELD agent?

“Oh well, maybe next time.” Bruce still had that smile and she realized how much she liked his quiet presence. When the car stopped in the underground parking garage of the Tower, she got out and trailed behind the group of men feeling for all the world like a fish out of water and she couldn’t figure out why. She put on her bored look and felt like it fit wrong. What would Phil Coulson do? she thought. Would he go to pizza with them? He wouldn’t smile so easily. Coulson would have sat in the front with the driver not in the back part of the Rolls Royce thereby reducing the risk of fraternizing. The whole painful ride up in the elevator she was stuck in the back of the elevator. Coulson would have shades, she thought suddenly. He would have sunglasses and he’d be apart, I need sunglasses.

Steve followed Tony into the lab and Bruce asked Darcy if she had any more paperwork for him to fill out. There was always more she assured him and went with him to fill it out.

“Darcy! I’ve been alone all day! Oh sorry Agent Lewis,” Jane grinned at her, seemed to be vibrating with energy.

“Dr. Foster how many cups of coffee have you had?” Darcy had seen Jane like this before when Jane hadn’t eaten enough to offset the massive amounts of caffeine she ingested.

“There was the morning venti, then... about four cups plus the venti.” Jane was really adorable when she looked bashful and crazed.

“Water, Jane here have a bottle of water.”

“I’m onto some really good stuff after pizza I’m gonna come back and work some more. Do you want to come for-?” Darcy gave her a death glare, “Oh what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Darcy walked away and just went to Bruce’s part of the lab to do paperwork. She just shook her head at Jane, no I can’t sorry.

Later that night as everyone settled down Pepper asked why no one had invited Agent Lewis. “She had a sandwich, said not to worry about her.” answered Tony quickly.

“I asked her, Pepper in the car, Jane asked her too. She didn’t want to come.” Bruce caught the look Happy gave Tony and could have sworn the man knew something. Pepper looked at Tony with a look of disappointment. Clint snorted, Jane and Steve just looked lost.

“Why not?” Nat looked impassive, the tone mild.

Now perfectly set up Clint revealed, “Tony made her cry last week.”

“You did what? She’s so nice.” Bruce looked genuinely confused.

“She is nice, she’s my best friend.” Jane’s voice was high and defensive.

“Look she’s just a suit. No offense Jane but she knows she doesn’t...” Tony looked down at his pizza. “I kept pushing her buttons, talking about Phil I guess she really looked up to him, kept picking on her clothes told her she looked like crap. Told her she’s got a target on her back.”

“She’s just a kid, Tony.” Steve’s voice was quiet. Jane got up and left leaving her pizza. “Jane...?” Called out Bruce.

No one said a word after Jane left.

“I tried apologizing but it came out all wrong, I was really high on drugs.” Tony was defensive and playing with his pizza. Clint turned the tv on and started opening beers. Everyone was eager to move on to the tv and Pepper got buzzed pretty quickly because she kept taking Tony’s beers away.

“Hey Darce, Jane here. Call me back I wanna talk maybe get some ice cream and we can go shopping?” Jane left the voicemail and went straight back to the lab, grabbing some Poptarts that Darcy had stocked the kitchenette with.

“Is this because of last week Lewis?” Tony getting his coffee from her little cardboard tray in the morning. “Is that why you didn’t come for pizza?”

“I need to maintain some distance. My conduct was unbecoming last week.” Darcy felt pretty proud of that, even though it was in direct violation of her orders. “The pizza thing was automatic, I didn’t really consider going.”

“Yep thought so. Good to know.” Now Tony could ease up on his guilt and acknowledge it had little to do with him. If he could only convince everyone else he wasn’t a jerk. Then he caught himself of course he was a jerk its just he did some pretty amazing things too so people let him get away with it.

Then they got called away for some mission that they didn’t even have to go to Headquarters for and Darcy got to see them leave from the Quinjet on the Tower’s roof. She glimpsed the twins before it closed. Tony was impossibly grumpy after that because his ribs were still healing and he wasn’t needed yet. So Darcy went back to dealing with lab assistants who never seemed to leave her alone anymore. Jane insisted they hang out and get drunk that weekend and it was the first time in a very long time that Darcy laughed with her best friend for reals and they didn’t have to get back to work.


By the third Monday Darcy relaxed as much as she could on the job. She was wearing her shades more, aviators, they made her look very cool, she got them for like fifty bucks on sale. Jane was super nice to her, and she seemed to be annoyed with Tony all the time, Bruce kept being really nice to Darcy still there was a weird formality to their dealings. Tony was still keeping his distance and Darcy found herself looking for things to do after having finished all the paperwork and the lab assistants were leaving her alone for once. She busied herself with studying the teams profiles, wondering when the twins would be added to the roster of the Avenger profiles. She did that until the lab assistants started queuing up to ask her things and so this was her life, not as a SHIELD agent but as middle management of a lab and she just so happened to wrangle three of the worlds’ most impressive geniuses.

Wednesday she wore her hair up in a low bun and got ready for early morning meetings at SHIELD. After a few hours of trailing Bruce, Steve and Tony at SHIELD they were on their way back to the Tower for a late lunch and Darcy remembered at the last moment to sit in the front seat with Happy. She was watching the road checking for anyone that looked suspicious (she’d gotten the sense from one of the briefings that Wanda and Pietro had some enemies and people would be looking for them and the rest of the team, of course she didn’t have enough clearance to know what that entailed but whatever). SHIELD training had made her paranoid but she didn’t mind, there was a certain car accident just two cars ahead of them that looked odd. Something clicked in her mind and her training kicked in, she reached for her weapon called up SHIELD and requested back up.

“Get down everyone now, Happy get up onto the sidewalk reverse ten feet and head into the alley.” as the words were coming out of her mouth four men descended on the Rolls Royce from the car accident, pointing guns, “Go, go, NOW!”

Happy floored the gas the car bucking up onto the sidewalk, following her instructions. The four men started shooting at the car.

“Bulletproof windows Lewis, we’ll be fine.” Tony assured them. Bruce was trying to breathe deeply and concentrate on not hulking out in the enclosed space. Steve tugged them down to the floor anyways.

“Do you have your suit?” Darcy asked Tony.

“Nope.” he answered grimly. The car was in the alley way and time Darcy was trying to focus on Bruce and the cars trailing them.

“ETA?” Asked Steve.

“Five minutes on the outside.”

“Happy, merge when we get out of the alley.” Darcy was aiming her gun at the cars that were following them down the narrow alley. “Captain take my extra gun.” She tossed it to Steve who clicked off the safety and sat up just enough to look through the gap ahead

“They’re gaining brace for impact,” ordered Darcy.

The car burst out of the alley swerved into traffic but their pursuers had gained on them and hit the passenger side of the car.

“Focus on me Bruce don’t Hulk out we’re gonna be just fine.” Darcy sounded like someone else, someone cool and steady even though she was pretty sure she was going to throw up later. Tony was focused on directing his suit to follow them through the traffic, Steve was facing forward Darcy still on her knees in her seat looking towards the back.

“I’m gonna shoot their tires out, Happy steady as she goes.” she took a deep breath and then got distracted to protest Steve’s movements as he leaned out the side window practically his whole torso out and shot their tires out. Their pursuers crashed and made a huge collision behind them and Steve was back in the car. Darcy ventured looking ahead and felt a sickening sense of upward movement. The car was being lifted up over the traffic.

“Captain make a hole please.” she was yelling now because the explosions down below had been loud, too loud, explosives maybe. He obliged punching twice and peeled back a good section of the roof.

“My suit is here, Steve you gotta toss me out! It won’t fit through this hole” Steve looked grim but spotted the suit.

“We’re too low you’ll fall like a stone.”

Darcy spotted a man holding himself still in the air his hand outstretched directing their car. “Do it Steve!” Steve shook his head leaned back and kicked his door open, but before Tony had a clear exit the door was jammed back into its hole. Then a terrible roar overwhelmed the inhabitants of the car and suddenly the Bruce-Hulk hybrid burst out of the roof Tony and Steve only slightly squashed into the side of the car. Darcy watched in awe as Hulk continued to grow in size as he reached the ground now some hundred feet down. The Iron Man suit was still trailing behind and for a second Tony made to jump out and wait for his suit to catch him when they heard a faint crunch of metal, since it wasn’t the car she glanced in the mirror and saw the suit was nowhere to be seen.

“Damnit!” Tony was angry and punched the back of Darcy’s seat. Happy looked a bit faint but gestured that she should put her seatbelt on.

“So Magneto has a beef with you?” Darcy asked Tony trying to get his attention.

“This makes no sense, he isn’t even supposed to know yet!” Steve nodded agreeing with Tony.

Soon though nearing the docks and though Hulk had been catching up to them bounding on buildings, running and getting closer all the time the water might be a problem. Darcy noted a distant silvery and blue blur coming closer to the Hulk, but she concentrated on Hulks roars a comforting sound hoping that whatever was catching up to the Hulk couldn’t match him. Darcy spotted SHIELD agents chasing down the Hulk in black SUV’s still too far to help the four in the car midair and suddenly over the docks, and then the open water And then the car dropped at first it seemed uncontrolled but they landed with a soft thump on an old rusted ship. Happy reached over and removed two guns handing one to Tony. “Protect Tony, no matter what!” she hissed at Happy.

“On my three everyone jump out if we’re not in the car then he can’t control us. One, two,” Steve counted down, They were armed and they burst out of the car guns at the ready, “three!”

Magneto was flying away already, and they watched as the Hulk paced up and down on the docks. He ran away then ran back out towards the water and dove into the river making for the ship. The silver and blue blur had caught up to him and Darcy didn’t see anymore as she saw canister land in their midst and Darcy being closest to it yelled, “get back!” grabbed it and tried to throw it out over into the river.

Then there was nothing.

There was pain, and she was bound, clothes torn with a sore head but she was relieved she’d made a habit of wearing her contacts since the last hostage scenario. She came to in a massive cargo hold. She was separate from several dozen women her weapon gone and she was tied up. “You may not like the blindfold but one day it may save your life.” Phil had said, and for once she was glad the man had put her through that ordeal. It was obvious to her that the Avengers and Happy were long gone. They had forgotten to check her for her cellphone which was securely in her bra (thank god she’d stowed it there before the ship), relieved at least that someone would know where she was. The cargo hold had some huge ten by ten crates, it stunk of sweat and piss, and faintly of vomit. Darcy bit back the bile in her throat and concentrated on her checklists exits, friendlies, resources, physical state. She tried talking to the women in the hold but none spoke English. Most were Russian or eastern european. Some looked asian. And they hadn’t found her knife in her boots, she worked on the zip ties for what seemed like hours cutting her own skin only three times. She was tired from the effort and the lingering effects of the knock out gas and quietly stalked in the edges of the shadows, hoping the girls wouldn’t rat her out.

She located all the exits none of which were accessible the roof being at least ten feet above the crates, the only door with stairs bolted on the outside. Every so often a girl would see her and cry out thinking Darcy was going to hurt her, and Darcy would have to patiently calm her down by approaching her showing the frightened girl her own broken zip tie. Two tried to get Darcy to help them and so she did, leaning down and cutting them free. They were sobbing gratefully their scantily clad bodies filthy with sweat and other fluids she didn’t want to think about. When they realized she still had to wait with them they sagged and the other girls if they cared where they lay made no effort to be free. Darcy was dispirited, sore and bruised collapsed back in her spot and trying her cellphones’ reception again, thinking only that of course it would be her luck to be stuck in a cargo hold that was acting like a Faraday cage rendering her useless cellphone.

What seemed like hours passed and someone finally came down to untie her and take her to the head, (nothing more than a overfull porta-potty). She’d been dozing off but she managed to stab them, disarm them and left with their guns, tucked one in her waistband, cocked the other. She used some zip ties she found on their pockets, didn’t wait to see if the lackeys were dead just and ran up the stairs to see what else she found. As she left she heard impacts of fists on flesh and before she opened the door she saw the two girls she’d freed pummeling the lackeys. They wouldn’t be coming after Darcy anytime soon.

She emerged into a living room area with a couch and a table some chairs. To the far end she could see a huge bodyguard was sitting next to his boss just outside the area looking out into the sea as the sun went down. Darcy scoped the area for a place to hide and for something to give her an indication of where she might be. She gave up the hope she was still on the same ship, this one was not nearly as rusted as the ship she’d landed on with the team and from what little she could see out of the windows and doorways the harbor looked different. What if they’re leaving for good? she thought terrified, but it lit a fire under her and she had new determination.

Darcy finally found an unattended computer in a room to her right and drew closer, she closed the door and tried the computer. Everything was set for russian but she was able to zoom out on the map and determine that she was in fact still in the New York harbor but completely not where she’d expected to be. She pulled out her cellphone and very quietly placed a call to SHIELD. The call was cut off as her battery died, shit, ok now next item on the list, looking for a way out. Darcy tried to remember her windows settings and started clicking on anything she thought remotely looked like language settings. It took her a long two minutes when she could feel and hear movement outside. the ship groaning as the engines picked up.

Once she switched over the computer to english she found the surveillance feeds, checked how many people were on board, it was almost seven o’clock and even managed to find out she’d only been here for less than six hours.Still daylight wouldn’t hold out forever so she looked around the room for a map of the ship. Maybe if she found a way to distract everyone from the exits then she could make a run for it? There was a good chance she could swim to the pier unscathed the ship wasn’t actually in port yet but there was no telling at the moment if they were coming or going. Worse yet if she made it off there was all those women on the ship, their mostly naked and malnourished forms too tired even to talk would not be able to make it off the ship with her. If she left they might die before she could get them help. Darcy made a quick decision, find the engine room or one of the rooms surrounding it and start taking out the power grid which would be a diversion and leave them sitting ducks and then start taking out the crew. There was only a dozen and she’d taken two guns should be easy right? That is if she really did have ten shots to a magazine. She double checked and looked for anything she might need, found some keys and took them.

The way to the engine room corridors to the engine room were mostly empty but she knew from the surveillance that there were at least three people in the engine room. She found what looked like a fuse boxes and wires and just started turning everything off and then climbed up the walls to the super hot piping using the remains of her jacket to protect her hands. She crawled along getting closer and closer to the engine room she worked her little knife furiously on any wires she found on the walls below her.

Eventually almost all the power had been cut and there were shouts coming closer, Darcy was hiding above the deep red of the emergency lights hopefully hiding her as she was sitting on some very hot piping and sweating profusely. The ship was so noisy with the alarm blaring that the first three men she shot didn’t stir any suspicions. Crawling around she watched more men approaching from either side shouting and cursing some drunk other and none of them looking up. She leveled her gun and took out two more before they really noticed her up in the piping. The last three in the hallway tried shooting at her and busted some piping near her, she felt hot steam burn through her pant leg and bit back screams but was rattled enough to drop down in a heap. Darcy counted the downed men. Five down, plus the two in the hold she’d tied up. Seven down, five more to go she thought. Focus Lewis, the adrenaline rush she’d been running on was fading withering in the face of her pain and exhaustion. Something was wrong, there were footsteps or shouts, no more men were coming and now she she crawled further towards the engine room and saw only three men, took her shots but only got one with a headshot, nicked another in the arm and got the third in the shoulder. But they were after her now and ran hard towards. She ran back the burn on her leg pulling skin and she was having trouble focusing from the pain. Stopped and dropped to a low crouch hiding behind some crates where she knew the leader and his guard would but she was out in the open damnit, but they were nowhere to be seen. She moved slowly checked the doors next to the bridge and the computer room she’d been in. Checking her six every once and awhile managed to avoid getting shot once and took out the one she’d nicked. Three only three more.

Taking a deep breath she waited until the last one to follow her caught up, the arm she’d shot was useless to him and she shot him again. She had seen his face before she shot him his hand shaking as he took aim to shoot her. She was shaken now that it was hitting her how many she’d killed. Long seconds passed as the pain over took those thoughts and she could only think how much the other girls down there had endured. These are bad men, they hurt those women down there, we have to survive this.

Unbidden Phil’s voice came to her, “the point was not to expect back up,” his eyes had been sad but kind. That was all Darcy needed.

Refocusing for the task at hand she ran through the checklist, she had checked everywhere they weren’t topside in the open or behind any closed doors.The leader and the bodyguard had to behind the last two doors but one led to the hold and the other didn’t. So Darcy started counting the seconds, after fifteen seconds she opened the door and shot the body guard in the stomach. Except her heart stopping she realized the leader was not with him, she went to check the camera feeds except most of the lights were out. Then she found them the last lackey and the boss were down in the cargo hold with the women. Taking a deep breath she headed down there as quietly as possible. The remaining lackey was holding a girl to his chest, gun at her temple. The leader was pointing a gun at another girl that was on her knees.

“Put gun down or girls die.” Said the leader, he was a thin man with tattoos on his neck his silk shirt gleaming in the red emergency lights. Darcy made to put the gun down and instead shot the leader. The lackey shot the woman and she slumped to the floor. Darcy took another shot as the lackey aimed at her, but she felt an impact on her side and was thrown back a few steps. There was laughing from the leader and screams from the girls and incredibly the leader was not dead, she’d only shot him in the stomach. Darcy raised her gun this time shooting him in the leg, he cried out shot at her again grazing her thigh then growing frustrated he shot at the girl who was still on her knees. Darcy shot him in the chest a split second late just as the girls body fell forward. She scrambled over to check the girl, but she was smiling faintly “Thank you.”

“I didn’t save you, I’m so sorry.” The girls eyes went glassy and she stopped breathing. Darcy was shaking now, some part of her registering that she was going into shock. The girls, who will come get the girls? she thought looking at the other girls where they were huddled in a corner, some crying others babbling, a few thanking her and crawling closer and Darcy was fighting her eyelids. Everything was moving wrong time itself stopped making sense. Putting her hand to her wound she felt the beginnings of that pain. Time was slipping past her and she thought vaguely of looking for a phone some of the other girls finally getting close enough to help move the bodies to look for a cellphone. Darcy herself was distracted by something that was coming closer an airplane or boat the noise deafening in the silent ship. Suddenly something rocked the ship and Iron Man was somehow in the hold, maybe he got in through that hole in ship she thought dazed it wasn’t there before, then Iron Man pointed out his hand out in the darkness the repulsor light blinding and dropped Captain America next to him.

“Here” croaked Darcy. “I’m over here...” she was losing consciousness but she was relieved as Iron Man came closer inspected her briefly, then picked her up pain flaring as he did. They were rising through the newly made hole in the ship. “What took you guys so long.” she said. Captain was saying something down below and in the last of the evening light Darcy watched as they flew further away from the ship, getting closer to the distant city. She was desperately cold and she wasn’t going to make it, somehow that was ok.

Tony opened the helmet, “hold on Lewis we’re gonna get you some help.” She wanted to say something but everything got jumbled up, the pain was ebbing away and that was bad but she couldn't remember why anymore.

There were flashes of fluorescent lights, she was laid down her side and leg was on fire, there were doctors and nurses, shouting so much noise. Then darkness.

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