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Up next: Fic Recs!

Posted on 2011.12.22 at 13:44
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I’ve been reading loads of fics lately.  Lots of good stuff, a few mediocre, and some I yearn to see on screen.  *sigh*  Talent is a wonderful thing and I really do enjoy reading these little gems.

So I’ve decided to start a fic rec tag on here regularly posting my favs such.  I tend to get this guilty feeling that I should be doing more to encourage the authors of the stories I enjoy so much.  And now I will :)

There are a few things I still can’t do, I can’t fully enjoy non-con it terrifies me and everytime I read it a stone forms in my stomach and my heart hurts.  Of course this means that the writer has made me feel something and that’s a good thing. 

Well, onwards and upwards I always say!

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