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Late to the Twilight Party...

Posted on 2009.12.27 at 05:18
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 Before anyone reads this I'd like to point out a few things:  there may be spoilers, I was a Twilight hater a mere 11 months ago and yes I've seen both movies.

First things first.
If I've hated Twilight it's because I was so very annoyed with its popularity and the annoying fans.  What can I say?  I am who I am.  I've always loved vamps but Twilight was just a symbol of  the mainstream trying to pollute the dark complex beauty of the vampire enigma. 
That said my best friend who is herself a vampire hater was fairly easily converted.  Mind you she never got past the first book but she didn't hate it either.  Like me she hated the fandom for its fanaticism.  However the fact that she read the first book and LIKED IT got me thinking.

So... I took a long break from vamps. (For a combination of reasons but mostly because I never finished my BT fanfics and geez that's only 'cause it was painful to think of the cancellations and the work I'd have to put into finishing them). I've been watching True Blood but then who hasn't?    

When I finally picked up Twilight about three weeks ago I plowed through the entire series in less than a week altogether.  (I reasoned that because it was finals I was desperate for distraction).

The first book was easy enough to read, as series hooks go it definitely got me.  I'll probably state here and now that I'm totally team Jacob.  

*pause for haters*

But I'm not team Jacob the way you're thinking. I think Bella and Edward were always going to end up together... I just find Jacob to be closer to the guy I'd go for in real life.  Because you know a shapeshifting  hottie is WAY more realistic ;)

New Moon was devastatingly good in this vein, you could feel Bella's desperation and need for Edward.  And you could feel how awesome Jacob was for her.  The fact that she doesn't realize she loves him until Eclipse... was terrible.  Downright WRONG. (Its 5am and I can't go into why I think this is so now but in the near future I"ll include a blog to explain this further).

In order for Breaking Dawn to be convincing in any shape or form... Bella and Jacob should have moved on more or something.  I understand the point of imprinting and everything... but Meyer relies too much on the supernatural and destiny as devices to achieve her ends.  There was no FREAKING way Bella's transformation and Jacob's imprinting magically fixes everything.  I would have appreciated a better course for this.  

Next up my assessment of the New Moon movie.  

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