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Two Mondays and More

Chapter Summary

So now that Darcy is settling in we go through her typical activities. Some not so typical. Like a shoot out and a car chase.

And more stuff.


Monday rolled in after an uneventful weekend. Technically she had the weekend off but Darcy spent the majority of Saturday at the shooting range and mandatory combat training. Sunday she was called in briefly to pick up new orders. Mainly, to insinuate herself with Tony and Pepper. It made her dread Monday, instead of adding some distance after her crying on Friday she was somehow supposed to build a friendship? Sometimes this job really sucked.

Darcy debated for hours on the merits of wearing her civvies. She already knew her black suit got under Tony’s skin, but maybe wearing her interview clothes would be seen as trying too hard to be normal. She’d have to do high heels and she didn’t want Tony to think she was flirting with him. She opted for her suit with a comfy gray sweater to wear around the lab. She would start small and wore little makeup because she really hated putting on makeup on Mondays. It was just a little quirk, kinda like, I’m being rebellious I refuse to give up my weekend, so eff you world! Not to mention she’d rarely gotten to indulge in it since she’d started working for SHIELD.

If Tony noticed the minimal makeup he didn’t act like it, he was back in the lab but he wasn’t able to have caffeine with the kidney damage and he was in a terrible mood. Also she suspected he had stopped taking his painkillers. Bruce was back to normal like nothing had happened and he hadn’t spent Thursday as a rage monster.

They got visits down in the lab, Pepper came in to collect Tony for lunch and lingered to talk to Darcy afterwards in her glass office. Pepper sat primly on the desk instead of the low chair that was Darcy’s. She was wearing a business suit but Darcy was pretty sure it was straight from the runway, Darcy literally didn’t even have the vocabulary for the type of material Pepper’s suit was made out of, but it was a gorgeous red and perfectly tailored. They spoke quietly and Pepper was kind but also she had an agenda, she seemed to think since the lab assistants listened to “Ms. Lewis” maybe they could pick up the slack on Tony’s usual one man R&D show. Darcy wrote down “encourage creativity on off-days”and kept taking notes handing over her lab assistant reports as well as a preliminary schedule and tasks proposal for when Tony or Bruce were gone. It was nothing much but Pepper appreciated that Tony’s time was not his own, that Iron Man was now and in the near future his priority and it was sucking a lot of time, money and resources. It lifted Darcy’s spirits to be included in Pepper’s confidence since this was their first face to face interaction, envying Pepper’s easy ability to come in and demand things (she bet Peppers had plans for world domination financially hopefully SHIELD wouldn’t consider her a threat, because honestly who better to rule the world than Pepper?). Darcy may have had a slight crush on the beautiful, graceful and intelligent CEO. Tony had his power displays but Pepper had hers.

“Captain America,” Darcy heard some of the assistants whispering, “someone told me he’s really was the original Steve Rogers down at SHIELD a while back,” when he came down to get the scientists for dinner. Darcy tried not to laugh at the gossiping assistants as they reluctantly left for the night. Steve mentioned something about getting scolded by Pepper (which was unsurprising) smiled while he waited patiently for the three scientists as Darcy helped tear Jane away from her work, Bruce was easier being a creature of habit. Tony though... she left him to Steve until she noted they were arguing.

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Bringing the Coffee

Chapter Summary

Things slow down significantly now that Darcy is working with the scientists.

Also later in the chapter we meet the rest of the Avengers (no Thor yet sorry I miss him too).

Getting to Stark Tower was easy, despite morning traffic, she stopped by to pick up Jane’s usual coffee order and one of her favorite pastries a bear claw. Got a selection of things that the files had included about their morning diets and arrived at the Tower about half an hour to spare. The receptionist handed her a tablet that she had to stuff in her ugly standard issue SHIELD briefcase and told her how to use JARVIS. “Just talk, ask whatever, you’ve got permission to ask anything but he might not answer. And he’s always listening. And here’s a packet that Pepper left for you. Its not included on the tablet because its basically for your eyes only and you’re supposed to use a locked cabinet in your office that’s what these keys are for.”

“Pepper left me instructions?”

“Yeah she figures you might last longer than his regular assistants. Oh and your biometrics are already loaded into JARVIS’ system. If you have any more questions he’ll be the one to ask he knows more than me.” She gave a pained smile, as if to say sorry. “I’m basically just a receptionist.”

“Well nice to meet you... Miss...?”

“Oh yeah I keep asking for a nameplate, I’m Lily M. Daniels, but you can call me Lily.”

That wasn’t so bad thought Darcy, she’s really nice for someone who looks like a supermodel and probably makes triple what I make. But then they would have to hire a supermodel to fit the outlandish lobby. There was two banks of elevators on the entire floor and only the receptionists desk. There wasn’t even anywhere to sit at first glance, but she found some seating on the other side behind the elevator banks. The city was completely visible behind all the darkened floor to ceiling windows. The decor was wealthy utilitarian. The huge slabs of obsidian that made up the receptionists desk contrasted with the black marble and the elevator banks shone like white gold. The seating looked like they were granite. The whole placed would have given Darcy shivers if she hadn’t lived in bunkers, barracks and tents for the last six months. Not to mention her cinder block dorm room from freshman year.

There was a modern art piece under construction outside in the courtyard in the back in the midst of remaining rubble that she noticed while walking to the elevator. “Hello Jarvis, I’m Probationary Agent Darcy Lewis I need to know where my office is. Please.”

“Yes Agent Lewis we’ve been expecting you. And you there is no need to say please.”

“There is when you don’t want the AI to turn on you.” she muttered.
“I would never turn on you Agent Lewis without provocation.” Darcy was not imagining the bemused tone.
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After the Invasion

Chapter Summary

Takes place four days after the Invasion of Manhattan. Finally she gets her first assignment, after she gets reprimanded for following her orders to the letter.

It wasn't Darcy's fault they weren't more specific with her orders.

And... is she an Agent yet? Or is the whole Probationary modifier still a thing?

Darcy was unimpressed. Sitting in an interrogation room waiting for hours and apparently forgotten she got bored. Finally a tall willowy brunette in a blue airman’s outfit strode in. Darcy rose as per her training, managing a very bored salute to go with her ambivalent body language.
“Probationary Agent Lewis, you were sent to Tromsø with Dr. Foster, instructed to remain by her side, protect her and keep her safe. Why did you disregard your orders?”

“Your name ma’am?” I’m wearing my bored face, is it working? thought Darcy.

“I’m the one asking the questions here Agent.”

“I can see that ma’am, but as I followed my orders to the letter and you seem to be a lackey I would like to report to Agent Coulson, who incidentally is my CO.” She is a formidable foe but she lacks my disdainful look, thought Darcy as she waited for the answer.

The nameless agent took a second too long to answer, and looked down at the file. “He is not available.” Darcy studied the agent, bored look sweeping the room.

“I submitted my paperwork, fulfilled my orders to the letter, kept my charge safe and even helped with the aftermath once we arrived in New York.. I would like to report to my CO. Ma’am.” Darcy was pushing it but she had a terrible suspicion. The taller woman made a note, closed the file, but never met Darcy’s eyes. “Agent Coulson, he isn’t my CO anymore is he?”

Their eyes locked, Darcy’s bored look tightened.

“No.” Now it was Darcy’s turn to avoid the other woman’s gaze. Suddenly Darcy didn’t feel like pushing the other woman’s buttons and she had no idea what her face was doing.
“You will follow me.” They stood and Darcy busied herself by straightening her dirty suit to regain her composure. Coulson was probably just incredibly busy with the... aftermath, she told herself. Darcy kept her stride steady even though she was blinking furiously.
“You are to return to the reconstruction crew on the weekends until further notice for your insubordination. For the moment you are to watch on these screens for any security breaches and call out warnings, updates, as needed.”
“Yes Ma’am.” Darcy was left alone with a bank of screens the painful realization that Coulson had died and she was stuck with his ghost alone in the dark. She remembered his focus swallowed her tears and pushed the grief down.

Darcy had done abbreviated training and had barely had a day to acquaint herself with the advanced surveillance tech she was now in charge of, by herself now less. Sighing she wiped her eyes, looked around for a checklist and went about checking the systems.
Some ten hours later she looked at her watch. Everything had been managed quickly and easily but the coffee had worn off about half an hour ago and she’d been awake for 30 hours now. She was relieved by another agent and told where to go to rest in the bunker.
When Darcy collapsed into bed she afforded herself the moment to reflect that she didn’t want to work for an organization that wouldn’t even tell someone... that didn’t let their agents know when a CO had died. Then she fell into a fitful sleep, nightmares of the ruined Manhattan, running with Jane, and nameless threats in the shadows haunting her.

All the terrible things that could have been happened did in her dreams.

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Call Me Phil

Darcy was finishing up for the day, typing reports that had been spoken into cellphones and periodically checking for new emails in case she was supposed to be doing anything else (ANYTHING PLEASE!). As per usual she remembered her scheduled advanced combat training was tonight but only when her phone buzzed to remind her she was going to be late. She ran to the other side of the building arriving five minutes late and she’d skipped changing her pants.

Once there she noticed everyone was on an obstacle course being supervised by Agent Romanov who was barking orders and randomly knocking people off their feet she had entirely way too much fun doing it. Darcy groaned wishing she’d had time for another power bar, she usually fell anyways and tomorrow she just knew she was going to be covered in bruises. Still she threw herself into the course letting her hair whip behind free. At first it was fun, getting winded, she and several others were laughing when they’d fall. But the first time Agent Romanov dropped her from behind she found herself staring Agent Romanov in the face hair gripped in her hand her head tilted at an awkward angle. “Agent Lewis why didn’t you tie up your hair?”

“I was late?”

“We know.” Agent Barton dropped down beside Romanov said smirking. “She was the last one in by five minutes that’s why she’s still wearing her shoes and slacks.”

“You know this is your sixth wardrobe infraction?”

“Yeah” Darcy was relieved to get her hair back. Even though Agent Romanov had had a good grip it was just was just a little sore. “Can I go change please? Agent?”

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The Last Recommendation of Agent Coulson: Chapter 1

Posted on 2013.01.09 at 09:42
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These characters belong to Marvel Comics and Cinematic Universe. I do not own them and no money is being made. Don't sue me please!

Chapter 1

The Visit and 5 Infractractions

“Ms. Lewis” Darcy jumped halfway off her bunk even though it was painful business to move at all.

“Agghhhh, I mean,” she peering in the darkness but that voice and the suit that went with it was distinctive. “Agent Coulson, you nearly gave me a heart attack, it’s after lights out.”

“I heard about your own nighttime excursions,” Darcy smirked at his word choice. “Do you want to get kicked out of basic training?”

Darcy blinked at his casual tone because the question made her feel like a deer caught in the headlights. “This place, this its not for me. Cramps my style.”

“Do you know why I recruited you Ms. Lewis?”

“Because I was a liability.” Darcy responded trying to keep the bitterness out of her voice. She was exhausted and she was getting away with not standing at attention. The lamp that Coulson stood in front of threw his features into shadow but she knew his expression would not have changed, it rarely did unless you looked hard enough. The moment stretched out into the silence and it started to make her itch. “So what are you going to do now? Pack me off and send me to prison so I can keep my mouth shut?” She wanted to say more but she knew she was in too much pain to actually keep her anger burning. More silence.
“God what do you want with me? Why are you even still here? Can’t someone kick me out? ”

“Answer my questions Private Lewis.”

“I don’t want to be here, its hard I’m tired all the time, it hurts, I don’t want any of this! So yeah I wanna get kicked out, I don’t want to be a G-man.” She was glad that she hadn’t burst into tears but she was burnt out and her muscles felt wrung out after the endless pushups she’d had to do for not standing at attention. Coulson shifted sitting on the empty chair. “What else do you want me to say?”

“I’ve come with the exit package. You’ll be done with your basic training and after that you’ll be done with SHIELD.” He reached down pulling out papers from his briefcase. It gleamed bulletproof metal in the lamplight. Darcy snorted but she was afraid to say anything. “That is if you can answer one more question. Do you really want to be in the dark never knowing when alien attacks are coming?”

So he knew about the nightmares, about the way she hated the thought of handling live munitions. She thought hard then because she didn’t want to cry and because....
“I won’t be any safer will I?”

“No one is safe Ms. Lewis. But you can choose, choose to help others know things before they happen or....”

Or submit to the nightmares, be afraid all the time. Even just wondering and never knowing when something on the news was a cover story or not. She stared hard at the exit package in his hands. She ventured a look up at his face, he was unflappable impenetrable. She wanted to ask him so much in this terrible barracks, the wind and rain raging outside she wanted to ask how he stayed unbowed by the cold even though she could see moisture on his face and on his shoes. He checked his watch, got up and left the exit package on her trunk with a pen.

“I’ll leave these here, someone will pick them up in the morning. We are all liabilities Ms. Lewis. You can join us or you can look away.” And he was gone the footsteps heard even after the door was closed. Darcy watched the papers laying down away on her locker, the lights off again she felt them taunting her.

In the morning she was awoken by someone knocking on the door, they retrieved the papers, saying only she should report to the drill sergeant or follow him.
Darcy reported to the drill sergeant.


“Probationary Agent Lewis I count five wardrobe infractions here.”

“These suits seriously suck, I’m just trying to spruce things up.” Like with the killer silk shirts she’d gotten at the thrift store. She had on a cream one that looked almost exactly like the regulation cut.
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Fandom: Captain America

Posted on 2011.12.23 at 12:56
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by Mira_Jade

This is a beautiful fic that I honestly think could serve as a coda (though it would be a long coda) to the upcoming Avengers.  Really awesome way to tie both movies a nice way. 


Up next: Fic Recs!

Posted on 2011.12.22 at 13:44
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I’ve been reading loads of fics lately.  Lots of good stuff, a few mediocre, and some I yearn to see on screen.  *sigh*  Talent is a wonderful thing and I really do enjoy reading these little gems.

So I’ve decided to start a fic rec tag on here regularly posting my favs such.  I tend to get this guilty feeling that I should be doing more to encourage the authors of the stories I enjoy so much.  And now I will :)

There are a few things I still can’t do, I can’t fully enjoy non-con it terrifies me and everytime I read it a stone forms in my stomach and my heart hurts.  Of course this means that the writer has made me feel something and that’s a good thing. 

Well, onwards and upwards I always say!


Long time no see...

Posted on 2011.12.20 at 16:25
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So… its been a long time.  Since I’ve written here in this blog.  It’s been even longer since I’ve written fanfiction for any length of time.

Which is odd because reading fanfiction is a sporadic habit, but truly a dangerous one.  Dangerous because it makes me want to write my own, but lethal when I start thinking, gee this author is amazing I MUST READ ALL THINGS THEY’VE WRITTEN. 

Truly it is a serious game that my mind plays on me.  Some other creator out there in the world puts out a book, a movie, a show and all of the sudden it ends.  Without any consideration for us the audience; book endings I can usually take, shows abruptly stop production less so.  MOVIES are by far the worst for me to handle. 

This all leads to a discussion of fanfiction.  There seems to be this pervading sense of shame and secrecy in RL about it.  Well that’s somewhat understandable if you’re writing PWP that you wouldn’t talk about in public anyways.  Still I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I think its absurd that I can talk about novels I’m working on, or about my other blog that’s really quite personal and not about my fanfiction. 

Basically, I’m wondering why did I ever allow my friends disdain for fanfiction to deter me from writing?

Sure so far I’ve only ever posted a few Blood Ties stories but in the years since I’ve written more than a few thousand words for different fandoms.  I have a 15k+ story for SG-1 in a notebook somewhere in my boxes, from at least three years ago.  My reasoning for not typing it up and putting it out there?  Simply put I was afraid the fandom was too big and that maybe what I was writing might have been done before (and better) or that I’d simply get negative reactions.
I know, I know I should not have to worry about that stuff but there it is.  (Silly me, worrying about other people’s reactions… Hell, if you’re reading this you’ve got access to some of my most intimate thoughts and fears.)

I actually started a few other blurbs as fanfictions but they morphed into completely different (and abandoned) things.  About a year ago I was reading a certain fandom and I was inspired to write something that was relatively short.  The next day I made it longer and eventually a week or so had gone by and I opened the file and as I continued to write I found they were no longer the characters from that fandom, they’d evolved into citizens of an existing world that I’ve been working on for over seven years.  These few thousand words basically jumpstarted my work in a world I’d essentially abandoned.

It suffices to say that the characters are now nearly unrecognizable from the original fandom and while the guilt lingered for a while (of stealing the characters, but let’s face it, they are FAR from canon). I’ve gotten a lot of joy from that simple exercise of a few thousand words for a fandom. Also I’m terrible at writing prompts.

Since then I’ve let life take me for a ride, got a new job, new worries, family things going on… its all very time consuming.   Still, I really think I need to make a habit of using my fanfiction urges and not try to bury them so much.  After all if I can’t damn well stay in canon and I’m introducing original characters everywhere then how much harder write brand new characters that share some DNA but are simply distant cousins.



Need a beta

Posted on 2010.11.28 at 10:40
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So I’m working on a new Supernatural fic. I’m currently 4000 words in and really busy studying for finals. I’m planning on taking a break from writing and the next chapters may take a while to come from me; basically no rush. I’ve never used a beta (though I desperately needed one eek!) and I’d appreciate the help of someone experienced.

The story doesn't have any adult content as yet but I'm not ruling it out.

One more thing, I may want this beta to be more of a collaborator, it really depends on how the story pans out.


Late to the Twilight Party...

Posted on 2009.12.27 at 05:18
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 Before anyone reads this I'd like to point out a few things:  there may be spoilers, I was a Twilight hater a mere 11 months ago and yes I've seen both movies.

First things first.
If I've hated Twilight it's because I was so very annoyed with its popularity and the annoying fans.  What can I say?  I am who I am.  I've always loved vamps but Twilight was just a symbol of  the mainstream trying to pollute the dark complex beauty of the vampire enigma. 
That said my best friend who is herself a vampire hater was fairly easily converted.  Mind you she never got past the first book but she didn't hate it either.  Like me she hated the fandom for its fanaticism.  However the fact that she read the first book and LIKED IT got me thinking.

So... I took a long break from vamps. (For a combination of reasons but mostly because I never finished my BT fanfics and geez that's only 'cause it was painful to think of the cancellations and the work I'd have to put into finishing them). I've been watching True Blood but then who hasn't?    

When I finally picked up Twilight about three weeks ago I plowed through the entire series in less than a week altogether.  (I reasoned that because it was finals I was desperate for distraction).

The first book was easy enough to read, as series hooks go it definitely got me.  I'll probably state here and now that I'm totally team Jacob.  

*pause for haters*

But I'm not team Jacob the way you're thinking. I think Bella and Edward were always going to end up together... I just find Jacob to be closer to the guy I'd go for in real life.  Because you know a shapeshifting  hottie is WAY more realistic ;)

New Moon was devastatingly good in this vein, you could feel Bella's desperation and need for Edward.  And you could feel how awesome Jacob was for her.  The fact that she doesn't realize she loves him until Eclipse... was terrible.  Downright WRONG. (Its 5am and I can't go into why I think this is so now but in the near future I"ll include a blog to explain this further).

In order for Breaking Dawn to be convincing in any shape or form... Bella and Jacob should have moved on more or something.  I understand the point of imprinting and everything... but Meyer relies too much on the supernatural and destiny as devices to achieve her ends.  There was no FREAKING way Bella's transformation and Jacob's imprinting magically fixes everything.  I would have appreciated a better course for this.  

Next up my assessment of the New Moon movie.  

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